This is a “family friendly'” no grief community server.

I will try to keep this list as short and simple as possible, please do not attempt to push limits in order to create a need for a more detailed rule set.

Do not grief.  Shouldn’t have to say it, this is a no-grief server.  There is a 0 tolerance policy for grief in effect.  One block or a thousand, this is a ban-able offense.  We have plugins to help prevent grief, but that is not an excuse to do it if they are not in use on the block you are breaking.  Respect people’s work as something that does not belong to you, or you can’t play on the server.

Use common sense.  If you’re doing something which you know is a thing that should be against the rules, it probably is, so don’t.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.  By that I mean with respect as a fellow human being with feelings and hopes and dreams of their own.

Keep it clean.  I won’t scold you for every spoken, spelled out or acronym of a profanity that you use, but keep the use of it to a bare minimum.  This place often had very young people on it who had parents who wouldn’t let them play in a place with that sort of thing going on.  I curse as well, I make an effort not to because I respect the people here, and I want everyone making that sort of effort.  Do not cuss AT people.  Do not use explicitly sexual language to anyone on this server.

Do not be annoying in chat.  This includes spamming, posting offensive images or text, or just generally overusing chat features in order to be “noisy”.  Spam is defined as whatever staff says it does, do not argue.

Do not exploit.  Includes cheating or mods that allow cheating, or use of server or game “features” or even glitches or bugs for personal gain or amusement.  Also includes use of alternate ids as there is virtually no reason to log in more than once unless using one to AFK a machine of some sort, which just causes server lag (must get special permission for use of an alternate).  Play fairly.

Use caution with SlimeFun and redstone.  All builds using a redstone clock should be equipped with an “off” switch.  Do not use EXCESSIVE hoppers or redstone circuitry.  Do not build redstone or SlimeFun items in such a way that they create lag for the server or for other players.

All of these offenses are ban-worthy, so do not do them.  If a person on staff has provided you with another chance, know they have the full authority to remove you from the game already, so be very, very careful with what you say and what you do if you are being given “another chance”.

That’s all, have fun, and best of luck in the world!